“Dan Andrews leads a rotten government and a rotten party.”

Bernard Keane,

Lack of Accountability Across The Board

Our current state government operates with a complete lack of transparency. While Dan Andrews apologised for the Labor party’s unethical and inappropriate behaviour uncovered in the IBAC report and said he took responsibility, there were no consequences.

Suburban Rail Loop 

The Heatherton community has been fighting for land on Kingston Road to become parkland for 30 years. Without consultation, the Suburban Rail Loop stabling yard is now being planned.

This raises many questions:

  • Why has there been no community consultation before choosing the location of the site?

  • Why has one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Australia’s history – set to cost Victorian’s over $30 billion dollars – not been assessed by the independent bodies Infrastructure Victoria or Infrastructure Australia that advises on the state’s future infrastructure needs?

  • Are there any hidden conflicts of interest?

COVID-19 Response

Your tax dollars are being used to defend poor governance and apparent incompetence, at least $7.7 million in legal fees to defend Dan Andrews’ Labor government in the hotel quarantine disaster. 

Victorians suffered from the longest lockdown in the world. 

  • Why was the often-quoted medical advice never released? 
  • What was the science behind closing children’s playgrounds and curfews during the world’s longest lockdowns?

If elected, I will seek to convene properly funded independent reviews, including a Royal Commission and public inquiries with the power to compel testimony and evidence concerning all claims of corruption and improper behaviour to hold elected representatives accountable and put an end to the misuse of the hard-earned money you pay in fees and taxes. I will also fight for the train yard in Heatherton to be moved to a more appropriate location and for the SRL project to be properly scrutinised.