Small Business

“Victoria is the hardest place in Australia to do business, says survey.”

- Patrick Durkin, Australian Financial Review

The Backbone of an Economy

Small businesses are the backbone of our society, contributing over 32% of our total economy. They account for 97% of all businesses and 41% of the total business workforce in Australia. While running a business is challenging even in good times, Victorian government restrictions have decimated small businesses over the last few years.

As a dance school owner, my business was pushed to the edge by the government’s overreaction to COVID-19. In my industry, it’s estimated that over 20% of dance schools have shut down since 2019. Many other sectors have been affected by bad policies, leading to a loss of income and business closures. 

As a small business owner, I’ll always fight for small businesses to thrive within our local communities. While large businesses have the resources to deal with ever-increasing government regulation, small businesses don’t. If elected, I’ll work to make it easier for small businesses to grow. This includes stopping new regulations that make it hard to do business and rolling back rules and regulations that hurt small businesses.