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About Caroline

Who is Caroline White? 

Caroline is a mother, a small business owner, a local from Cheltenham, and she is proud to be standing as your community focussed independent for Clarinda. 

When the Victorian Labor government banned children from attending dance schools, but allowed brothels to open, Caroline stood up for what was right. 

She protested against the restrictions despite the intimidation received from Victoria Police. 

Caroline took a stand and as a result of the awareness this created and pressure it put on the government that day, restrictions eased earlier for her industry meaning all the little dancers of Melbourne could return to their dance classes. 

She realised then one person can make a difference. 

“Victoria is my home, born and bred, and I will not be bullied out of it. If elected, I promise to bring my values to the Victorian Parliament, to hold the balance of power, and to hold the government of the day to account. I will be an independent voice for you in Parliament, one you can trust.”